Cherinicole Beach Resort

General Luna , Siargao Island

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CHERINICOLE BEACH RESORT is located on the Pacific Ocean side of the Island of Siargao, conveniently walking distance from the town of Gen.luna.General Luna or known "GL" is the main town of where all the resorts are located. We are Very accessible to wet market, church, boulevard, Karaoke bar, local restaurants and more.

We are also minutes away from the known surfing site “CLOUD NINE”. In Siargao we offer nothing but the fresh air, clear water, white sand beaches, amazing caves, lagoon, islets, natural tropical beauty and surroundings with safe and friendly environment. Cherinicole offer a very casual accommodation with a luxurious comfort.

SIARGAO ISLAND is one of the Philippines Island of enchantment. Wonders and pride.a beautiful island paradise known for its breathtaking gigantic waves and fine white sand beaches that has splendid rock formations, islets and amazing caves.

The Island’s climate is tropical warm almost throughout the year. From October to December average weather temperature reached to 30-35 degree Celsius. Between this month guests can experience the gigantic waves which International surfers loves. November to December till late of January is generally cool with constant rains.